Hope Baptist Church was started in 1999 through the counsel and direction of Grace Baptist Church in Gaylord, MI. Hope started in a house in Dodge City then it moved to the township hall on the corner of Townline and Athey. From there the church went to a store front, then finally to our current location where we have 10.3 acres of land. Each year since the birth of our church we have been able to give hope to others!

1. We as a church have given Hope to people in their eternal destiny. The Bible tells us that we can know for sure where we will go for eternity, and this church has had the opportunity to help people see how heaven can be their home! 

2. We as a church have given Hope to families in their marriages. Several families in our church and now in different states have had their "impossible situation," turn around through the grace of the Lord!

3. We as a church have given Hope to children! By helping them stand against negative peer pressure.

4. We as a church have given Hope to the struggling! By taking those who are even bitter or mad at God and helping them connect with God and find true peace in their hearts again.

Everyone that comes to this church soon understands that JESUS CHRIST is not against them but is for them! We believe that Jesus is our hope!
*Hope Baptist is completely independent from all denominations, affiliations, fellowships, and associations. Hope Baptist is a autonomous church.