Our Team in an Oppressive Country

August 3 - August 9, 2009
Assemblies Attendance: 632
This Week: 27
Year to Date: 1,175
Since Inception: 6,352
This Week: 4
Year to Date: 142
Since Inception: 774
Our Sunday assembly which began as an assembly just for our team members is beginning to draw other foreigners in. Over the last few weeks we have had four young men from Nigeria visit our services, and on this last Sunday morning all four of them attended together. We also had seven of our Filipino friends in the service. One of the Nigerians and two of the Filipinos even sang with our mens group in a special. What is even more exciting is that several are becoming friend makers.

Our Team in Kumasi, Ghana

August 3- August 9, 2009
Sunday school: 1,087
Morning: 1,185
Evening: 290
Wednesday: 226
Church Results
Professions of faith: 10
Other salvations in service: 44
Baptisms: 10
Personal Soul-Winning Results
American team: 36
Church members: 231
Special Services - 3 Total
Attendance: 146
Salvations: 19
Salvations for the week: 340
Salvations this year: 21,691
Salvations since inception: 186,105
Baptisms since inception: 3,861
Full time surrenders since inception: 267
Team Missions That We Support- Below

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The Palmani Family
Contact Information
FBMI Email: markpalmani@fbmi.org
Family Members
Name Birthdate
Mark - 04/15
Kim - 01/24
Anastasia - 06/13/2002
Rachel - 11/09/2004
Andrew - 01/25/2007
Anniversary - 07/10/1998
The Bryan Family
Contact Information
FBMI Email: jonathanbryan@fbmi.org
Family Members
Name Birthdate
Jonathan - 09/02
Laura - 05/16
Anniversary - 08/13/1994
The Elwell Family
Contact Information
FBMI Email: josephelwell@fbmi.org
Family Members
Name Birthdate
Joseph - 11/03
Crystal - 07/10
Anniversary - 09/23/2006
The Siemer Family
Contact Information
FBMI Email: dansiemer@fbmi.org
Family Members
Dan - 10/04
Lana - 11/24
Thomas - 06/22/1991
Anniversary - 12/06/1975
Birth Date: 7/4/1965
Anniversary Date: July 27
With Word for the World since: 6/21/2001

Contact Information

Field: Canada
Phone: (403) 873-9474
Email: harwoodcanada@hotmail.com
Birth Date: 9/26/1961
Anniversary Date: October 28
With Word for the World since: 6/19/2008

Contact Information

Field: Papua New Guinea
Address: 4123 Greenery Drive Columbus, OH 43207-457

Annual Missions Conference

The church has God's unique purpose and mission as found in the Great Commission. In Mark 16:15 God commands us to "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

Our Purpose And Mission:

  • To present Christ vividly, intelligibly, attractively, effectively, and persuasively to the world and to the individual as the Saviour Who has come from God to save mankind from their sins.
  • To lead people into a faith relationship with Jesus Christ in order that they might experience forgiveness of sins and newness of life.
  • To establish believers in Christian doctrine, principles, and practices of Christian living, Christian fellowship, and Christian service in the local church.
  • To train Christians in the life of the Holy Spirit. The church's task is a supernatural task which demands supernatural resources. The church's task is glorious, urgent, demanding, and unique.

Therefore, we must move into missions to fulfill the purpose of God and to live in the fullness of His blessings.

Our Purpose For This Conference:

  • To stir the interest in missions around the world, so that our people will catch a vision of, and be obedient to, the Great Commission.
  • To continue our present missionary emphasis and to expand our outreach.
  • To challenge God's people to be faithfully involved in all of the Faith Promise Missions giving that is part of our church's worldwide outreach ministries.
  • To ask God's people to pray for and give to the cause of missions in order that the lost around the world might hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • To increase the burden of each member of our church to pray for both the missionaries and mission projects of our church and the continued success of our missions program.
GRIFFIN, Lowell & Michelle

P.O. Box 56
Dagupan City 2400 Philippines
Phone: 989-546-7412
E-mail: griffin@gfm.phil.com

Website: www.gfm.phil.com

Lowell - June 7
Michelle - September 29
Anniversary - June 16, 1990
Joshua - August 4, 1993
Brian - March 16, 1995
Matthew - April 17, 1998
Brandon - September 10, 2000
Emily - June 14, 2002
Hope Baptist Missions
      To our church the mission program is immensly important. Below you will see an artical about why we have a missions conference every year. Then proceeding the article you will see the missionaries we currently support. 
      May God stir your heart to be part of reaching our local area with the gospel of Jesus and may you alos be inspired to help us reach other countries for our great God and Saviour.  
James Dare and Family
Pensecola Servicemen's Center
Reaching Out ot the Military
69 De Luna Drive, Pensacola, FL 32506
Anniversary 8/18/90
Missionaries In the Foreign Field
Harwood (Canada)
Bryan (Mexico)
Bartruff (Mexico)
Kroupa (Russia)
Owens (Argentina)
Palmani (Philippines)
Vest (Philippines)
Griffin (Philippines)
China Mission Project
Ghana Mission Project
Siemer (New Fields)

Christiansen (India)
Szabatin (Peru)
Meadows (Papua New Guinea) 

Missionaries and Mission Projects in America:

CLA—Dr. David Gibbs
Elwell (US)
Dare (Servicemen Center; military)
Literature And Tracts
Bus, Children and V.B.S.